If you are like most people, your self-esteem takes a beating on an almost daily basis. The thoughts and feelings you have depend on your experiences and how you perceive them. The grades you get, your romantic relationships, how your friends treat you all have an impact on how you think about yourself.

Your self-esteem depends on more than the ups and downs you experience in life. People who are confident in themselves see those experiences as temporary fluctuations in how they think about themselves. They know that they can overcome those and move on with their lives.

Someone with self-esteem in short supply obsesses over those feelings to the point that they stop functioning. They find themselves in a permanent state in which they relive the negative feelings they experience in certain events or confrontations.

What causes low self-esteem?

So, what brings about this state of mind? This happens when self-beliefs are perceived as solid facts rather than the opinions they are. They are based on experiences that should be learned from, not obsessed over. Negative experiences evoke negative feelings, but it is up to us whether we learn from them or live with them for the rest of our life.

What we experience growing up influence the way we see ourselves but there is more than just one way to look at them. Failing to meet parental standards, systematic abuse, persistent stress, absence of praise and other traumatic experiences can be overcome with some simple re-programming.

How Hypnotherapy can help

The emotional scars of past events can be overwhelming if they are allowed to fester. Even if you move beyond those, your subconscious can still hold them and prevent you from moving on. Hypnotherapy can get to the root of the subconscious and help those scars heal from the inside out.

The past does not equal the future which is a big part of this practice. It can help you go into a relaxed state of mind that can unearth positive thoughts that can overwhelm the negative ones. The goal is to place the brain in the ideal state of mind that can create neuropathways that can increase self-esteem.

In that deeply relaxed state of mind, your subconscious will have the chance to heal and be more accepting of change. This will include the identification of goals and problems and treating them with tailored suggestions via a trained hypnotherapist. The aim is to empower you by reducing negative self-talk that is preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself.

With that state of mind, you can complement the sessions at a conscious level enough to bring those positive thoughts to your conscious state of mind. Eventually, you will see the world through eyes that are unclouded by hate, bitterness and trauma resulting in a happier state of mind and a newfound love for life.

Your low self-esteem is doing more damage every day you allow a confrontation or negative event to overcloud your judgement. You have the power to nip those feelings in the bud. Hypnotherapy can give you the push you need to make them manifest.