About Me

Hi and welcome to GC Hypnotherapy.  Thanks for visiting my Webpage.

I’m a fully qualified and insured Master Conscious Hypnotherapist and Professional Coach who is passionate about delivering powerful results for my clients.

I hold a Masters in Hypnosis, a Degree in Commerce, a Masters in Business and Leadership Coaching, a Masters in Life Coaching and an Advanced Diploma in Wellness Coaching as well as certifications in Matrix Therapy, Time Line Therapy ™, NLP & Advanced NLP and mBIT Coaching.

With a background in both Personal and Leadership Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Business, Leadership and Human Resource Management, I have a diverse range of transformational coaching and hypnotherapy skills that I can draw upon to apply to my clients’ individual situation.

I specialise in designing and delivering programs that will target my clients’ individual needs.  This will allow clients to experience more control in all areas of their life rather than just tackling the immediate problem.

Whether you’re looking to manage stress or anxiety, increase self-esteem and confidence, improve study or interview skills, achieve specific weight goals, stop smoking, face a fear or phobia, break a bad habit or eliminate negative self-talk, whatever your concern, Jade loves to help you break through the barriers that may have prevented you from success till now.

Start living your life to the fullest!