Emotional Freedom

  • Clearing Negative Emotions such as

    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Fear
    • Guilt
    • Conflict
    • Judgement
  • Developing Positive Emotions
  • Eliminate Grudges

Strong emotions can begin to develop early in life when negative events take place.  Negative events can often result in an emotional response.  If the emotional response is not rectified in the moment (such that we are forced to block the loaded emotional response) generally that emotion will then get trapped in our unconscious memory and develop loaded emotions in our memory gestalt.

These stored memories then often form the automated emotional response we have to events.  A negative memory field can develop in as little as a few seconds.  Once stored they can be with you for life, sitting hidden and suppressed in the unconscious.

Both conscious and unconscious suppressed emotions create emotional baggage, without us even realising, they drain significant energy from the body’s energy storage tank.  This energy drain affects the consciousness which depletes your ability to concentrate fully.

Clearing negative emotions will allow you reduce unnecessary conflicts and live a more wholesome, peaceful, positive and happy life.  Your reactions to situations will become more rational and you’ll develop a new outlook on life.  What once may have resulted in an overreaction to a seemingly minor issue will become much easier to manage.  Your communication skills will also improve significantly which will in-turn improve your emotional stability and relationships all throughout your life.

Through the use of Hypnosis, Coaching, Matrix Therapies and Time Line Therapy®, all of which are available at GC Hypnotherapy, we can clear any negative emotions you may have built up over time and move you in a more positive direction in life.