Whether it is taking out the trash, cleaning the attic, making stressful calls, changing busted bulbs, cleaning or other tedious tasks, most of us put them off sometime. They aren’t any fun after all but we do eventually get around to them. However, if you procrastinate every time you need to do something, then you have a chronic problem.

Putting off tasks to the point that they compromise quality of life is the procrastinator’s lifestyle. Most believe that there is something seriously wrong with them but do nothing to solve this problem. They do not feel motivated for any task because they believe they won’t do a good job.

The thing is, how many people do you think like changing the sheets or doing their taxes or other tedious tasks? Even though these might seem boring, they are a necessary part of life. While most people do them with minimal complaint, procrastinators think they need to feel motivated to do them. The ‘doing’ must come before the motivation, not the other way around. Failure to realise this leads to long delays that have no end in sight.

Starting a task should be enough motivation but procrastinators have it in reverse. Taking the first step seems hard for them because they keep waiting for inspiration for further action. When that doesn’t come (which is often the case) they give up leading to an incomplete task list.

The main cause behind procrastination is lack of skills or the perception you don’t have skills needed for specific tasks. If you think you can’t do something, you will try to avoid it. For example, if you have to read a ton of articles to write an essay, you might skip that step if you think you aren’t a fast reader. Procrastination will become more attractive than improving reading skills which does nothing but lower self-esteem further.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Most people who procrastinate know that they are just delaying the inevitable but they still refuse to change. They know what the consequences of that decision will be but they end up repeating the same mistakes regardless.

That is not to say that they are lazy or weak – they just believe all of the negative talk their minds have on repeat. In their mind, they may feel unworthy, lack skills or feel they are unable to learn new skills. Even if they manage to complete tasks on a positive note, their memory of past failures brings them back to square one and they end up procrastinating again.

Hypnotherapy can stop those negative thoughts from manifesting by altering that state of mind. The feelings are replaced by ones that motivate rather than bring down leading to a positive state of mind. That way you can avoid stress, improve your performance and learn from your mistakes rather than dwelling on them.

This motivated state of mind can do more to make you more productive than anything else. Self-healing starts from the self and hypnotherapy can bring that out.