How Hypnotherapy and NLP will Help You Shed Excess Kilos

Carrying excess weight is something that most will experience at some stage of life.

Whether the battle of the bulge is the result of holiday indulgence, pregnancy, emotional eating or long-term behavioural patterns towards food and eating, excess weight can cause discomfort and contribute to chronic health conditions as well as a reduction in self-confidence and motivation.

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun and the weight just won’t shift, hypnotherapy combined with effective coaching techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), delivered by a trained and experienced practitioner may be the answer.

Hypnotherapy is a controlled therapy designed to help you reach a state of emotional relaxation. Proven techniques in hypnosis help the therapist switch off the analytical and active part of the brain to provide access to the sub-conscious. The therapist can then access and therefore alter habits, emotional responses and triggers and patterns of behaviour.

Consequently, hypnosis whether used alone or together with other techniques, such as NLP, is a very useful tool to help you lose weight regardless of the cause.

NLP is a powerful technique that can help you create new habits.  New internal programming can be formed by the effective use of NLP Strategy Installation techniques.  NLP can be used to help you develop new neural pathways in the brain.  When we form a new habit, we create new neural pathways or super-highways in the brain and its these neural pathways which provide long lasting effects and long-term habits.

Professional Coaching can help you rewrite your personal values system; support goal setting; help you let go of any past traumas that may be preventing you from losing weight; and can help you build confidence.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, here are six ways hypnotherapy, NLP and/or professional coaching can help you shift excess kilos, increase energy and live a balanced, healthy lifestyle:

  1. Help change mind set about food

While excess weight can stem from genetics or medical conditions, weight gain is primarily attributed to how much food you eat, when you eat it, and the behaviours and habits surrounding nutrition.

Hypnotherapy delivered by a qualified therapist can help change the way you view food in the subconscious that in turn can alter conscious habits that will aid weight loss.

NLP is another very effective technique which can be used to help you form new habits.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and professional coaching are all powerful tools to help change mind set.  Used together, they provide a powerful and holistic approach to weight loss.

Every individual is different, therefore when it comes to weight loss, it’s important to work closely with your therapist so a customised solution can be designed specifically for you.

  1. Help visualise a healthy future

Weight loss hypnotherapy and specialised visual coaching techniques can help you envision living at your ideal weight, health and lifestyle. The power of visualisation both consciously and subconsciously may help you find it easier to resist the temptation of sweet treats and foods that contribute to weight gain.

  1. Help create new healthy habits

Carrying excess weight primarily stems from habits. These habits can simply be just that “a habit” or may be physical relating to the types of food you eat, or, they could be emotional relating to an eating disorder or comfort eating for example.  There are many reasons and ways in which habits are formed.

The good news is, it takes just 21 days of repeating a behaviour to form a new habit and according to a study performed by the University College of London – 66 days of continuing on the pathway of your new habit for that habit to truly become yours – in other word for that habit to become an unconscious response….something that you just do without even having to think about it.

Whether it be weight loss hypnotherapy, NLP or professional coaching techniques, or, all three combined, these are all powerful tools to help create healthier habits where exercise, portion sizes and food choices become automatic positive behaviours long into the future.

  1. Help you know when you’re full

Overeating and eating the wrong kinds of food are the most significant contributors to weight gain. Hypnotherapy helps clients reduce the desire for eating, it also helps clients to subconsciously know when they’re full or have eaten enough.

We’ve all heard the adage ‘children in the world are starving’, and it’s not uncommon for children to be brought up to finish all the food on the plate regardless of whether they’re full. These well-meaning yet misguided views may encourage children to form unhealthy patterns of behaviour that they carry into adulthood.

Hypnotherapy can help the practitioner access the subconscious to identify triggers and introduce control mechanisms that will enable clients to feel when they’re full and respond accordingly rather than eating until the plate is empty.

  1. Encourages exercise

Once the initial attitude towards food changes, clients naturally become more intrigued to learn about and explore different kinds of physical activity. Feeling good through dietary changes can have a knock-on effect to exercise and a natural progression to eating a more balanced diet.   Hypnotherapy and NLP are also great methods for instilling the motivation to exercise.

  1. Increases self-worth

Unhealthy eating habits may stem from lack of self-esteem. Often, once these feelings have been addressed, clients may realise that they deserve to live a healthy lifestyle which encourages healthy eating habits and makes sticking to them more manageable.

Who is weight loss hypnotherapy for?

You might think that hypnotherapy and NLP are easy options to shed the post-holiday excess kilos, and you’d be right. But, hypnotherapy may also work as a solution to long-term weight control.   These popular therapies can change both short-term mindsets and long-term behavioural patterns formed over years.

Consider weight loss hypnotherapy and/or NLP if:

  • You can’t stick to diets no matter how hard you try
  • You haven’t formed good eating habits in your life as yet
  • You lose a significant amount of weight but always end up putting more on
  • You can’t find the motivation to exercise
  • Your health is in danger due to excess weight or obesity
  • You don’t feel like you’re living your healthiest life
  • You find it hard to stop eating when you’re full
  • You find it impossible to resist sweet treats even if you’re not hungry
  • You want to eliminate or reduce particular foods or drinks such as chocolate, sweets, carbohydrates, alcohol, soft drinks or whatever is contributing to your weight gain

Both Hypnotherapy and NLP help to rewire the subconscious mind to change the way you view food, exercise and eating. In the long-term, hypnotherapy and/or NLP may change eating patterns as part of a calorie-controlled diet to contribute to significant, ongoing weight loss.

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