Out of all of the emotions that impact the way we lead our lives and the decisions we make, fear is the most limiting. It is the reason why we shy away from new things, new people or taking risks that can change us for the better. If you are one of them, you are being unfair to yourself.

The thing is, this feeling is brief but some people feel it for days and sometimes years. If they aren’t able to push past these feelings of fear, they end up missing out on a lot of opportunities that might make their lives easier and often prevent them from experiencing life to the fullest.

Fear originates from childhood. Think of it as the monster under the bed we were afraid of as children but which disappeared as we grew up. However, if you have debilitating fears, the only thing that fear did was change form and this deception does not allow us to realize that it is the same fear.

In other words, in adulthood, those fears culminate into a monster in the form of a school bully, the bill collector, the doctor with his needle and other things that seem threatening. We grow up, but the fear doesn’t and it destroys our integrity, distorts reality and prevents us from maturing and dealing with common changes and problems.

Fear also prevents us from making positive changes even if they are small enough to be negligible. For instance, you might be satisfied of a job but too afraid to apply for better opportunities elsewhere. Or you could be so afraid of change and failure that you are unable to rally yourself after every setback and start again. In your mind, your fears say you are not good enough.

When fear becomes a phobia, it becomes so debilitating that the person suffering from it avoids anything that can trigger it. This prevents them from maintaining a quality of life that can help them achieve their goals and maintain healthy relationships. It also prevents them from breaking destructive habits such as smoking if they feel an attack coming on.

These aids are nothing more than ‘pacifiers’ which they turn to each time they think their fears are overwhelming them. Most people who allow this to happen feel lightheaded, anxious, panicky, and the urge to run followed by negative thoughts that destroy their integrity.

How Hypnotherapy can help

The root issue of each fear lies in memories that stem from childhood and sometimes early adulthood. Hypnotherapy is considered to be one of the most powerful treatments for helping people overcome debilitating fears and phobias. The reason is simple. Under hypnosis, your subconscious allows access to irrational fears and the thoughts that trigger them.

A trained hypnotherapist has the experience and knowledge to reprogram those patterns and see where those fears are coming from.  In other words, by helping you understand your fears, hypnotherapists’ can help you see them from perspectives that do not trigger reactions to them. If you don’t feel afraid, you have nothing to be afraid of.