Do you feel your confidence seeping away in the face of a new challenge? Do you feel you are not good enough? Strong enough? Confident enough? Do you sometimes shy away from face to face contact?  Or perhaps, do you break out in a cold sweat each time you think you cannot do something?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may underestimate yourself. How you feel about your ability to complete a task does not define who you are. The good news is that either your expectations of yourself are too high or it’s all in your head. Just because someone does something better or faster than you, does not lower you in anyone’s eyes.

The thing is, that concept is difficult to adopt for someone who grew up thinking they were not good enough. If you have had the word ‘failure’ thrown at you, good chance your self-confidence has taken a beating. It can recover if you believe in yourself again, but that can be easier said than done for some.

The thing is when we feel confident in our abilities, this is when true healing can begin. People who have low self-esteem avoid it because they are afraid of being hurt again. They withdraw from participation because they think others will scorn them. For them, what others think is more important than what they think about themselves.

Our past performances and experiences shape how we perceive not only the world, but also how we react to any given situation. What is really miraculous is that therein lies the key to confidence. By looking at past trauma and events from a new perspective, we can change the way we think about ourselves. In other words, we can reverse engineer the impact those experiences had by looking at them through the eyes of survivors rather than victims.

After all, when we survive ordeals, we become better and stronger versions of ourselves. That is where true motivation lies. By realizing how strong we really are, we can motivate ourselves to overcome hurdles we never thought we could overcome before.

Even if we do reasonably well at them or fail at them, the realization that we can beat the odds will pick us up. This will lead to a positive cycle or regeneration or rebirth that can help us improve our skills.

Think of this as a snowball rolling down the hill. The more it rolls, the more it gathers snow and grows larger. That’s our confidence growing as we gain new skills and meet new people. Overtime, we can forget past hurts and embarrassments and move on with a spring in our step. The motivation to improve will power our steps towards our goals.

How Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy can help that confidence manifest naturally by helping you forget certain false/negative beliefs about yourself. The treatment targets the subconscious and makes you believe in your own abilities. New beliefs will be developed and instilled into the subconscious mind so that eventually they will naturally float to the conscious mind and remove all conflicts in the way.

In other words, hypnotherapy can help you learn how to be confident again and how to let go of things that are weighing you down.