Most people have hopes and dreams for the future.

Whether it’s a bigger house, growing a family or climbing up the career ladder, having bigger plans for the future is a normal part of life.

But while focussing on the future or the past, it can be easy to miss appreciation for the present moment. Physically showing gratitude by thanking those around you, thanking yourself or thanking a higher power for the things you have, and indeed, the things you want can have a profound impact on health, happiness and whether or not you reach your desired goals into the future.

Gratitude causes the release of dopamine and serotonin, the mood-enhancing neurotransmitters responsible for the human state of happiness. According to Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva, gratitude can be as effective as a natural antidepressant.
Article linked here: ), As well as reducing fear and anxiety, encouraging positive thinking and elevating mood, practising gratitude for the things you want, can also turn them into the things you have.

Here’s how gratitude can help you create the life you want.

View setbacks as obstacles to overcome rather than dead ends.

Gratitude helps you feel what it’s like to truly have something you want. After experiencing those genuine feelings, you naturally become more determined and see challenges as hurdles to overcome which encourages you to look for other ways to achieve.

Look for other ways to view adverse events

When you have a negative experience or an unfortunate event take place, finding a way to find the positive in an event helps you grow wiser as well as enabling you to learn and grow from your experiences. Quite simply, if we don’t go through tough times, we generally don’t tend to build up strong levels of resilience. All the more reason to find ways to view adverse events in a positive light.

Gratitude helps you focus on the positives instead of negatives

As you practice gratitude, powerful and positive neural pathways are activated. Over time, this creates new habits and the brain learns to look for the positives without any prompting. When you focus on the positive, more positive things happen to you. We attract like for like energy. This is the same in reverse. Practising gratitude regularly is an effective way to reframe the negative thinking patterns that have been taught throughout the years.

Gratitude helps you look for opportunities

If you’re grateful for your dream home, you naturally seek out real estate opportunities. If you’re grateful for the children you don’t yet have, you view new relationships differently. If you’re grateful for your promotion, you work harder to get to the top of the career ladder.

Those who display gratitude are more likely to make proactive changes in their life. They know what it feels like to have all their dreams come true because they feel it every day which makes them less likely to leave things to chance.

If you don’t know how to actively practise gratitude, today is the day to start! Gratitude as a habit doesn’t happen overnight, but over time and with consistency, it will happen.

Here’s how to get started:

Dedicate time

Set aside a time each day where you can focus without interruptions. First thing in the morning or last thing at night works well but choose a time that fits in with your schedule where you won’t get disturbed.

Write down what you’re grateful for

Make a physical list of five to ten things that you’re grateful for that you already have. They can be as small or as significant as you like. Examples: include your family, career, health, the food you ate today, or a new outfit you’ve recently bought. Perhaps you’re grateful that your eyes opened this morning and you could hear the sound of the birds sing. Stimulate those feel-good chemicals and get used to how great you feel once they’re flowing every day.

Be thankful for what you want

Once the brain starts automatically focussing on gratitude for the things you have, start to believe that you have the things you want. Close your eyes and imagine. What does your new office look like? How do you feel now that you’re a mum or dad? What does it feel like sitting on the beach of your dreams?

Combining gratitude for the things that you have, with gratitude for the things that you want helps focus on the positives and puts you in a state of ‘readiness’ for your dreams to come true.

Consider Professional Coaching, Hypnosis or NLP

While it’s a good start, there’s a big difference between saying the things you’re grateful for and actually feeling thankful.

If you struggle to get into a state of gratitude, professional coaching, hypnosis and/or neurolinguistic programming (NLP) may help shift the brain’s negative loops into a more positive frame.

Practising daily gratitude is something that everyone can do regardless of their current situation and hopes and dreams for the future. To find out more contact Jade today.