Hypnotherapy, otherwise known as hypnosis, is a non-invasive, alternative treatment increasingly popular with Gold Coast residents and visitors to the region.

While many people are already aware of the benefits of hypnosis as a treatment, for those researching the holistic practice, the unknowns involved with engaging with a hypnotist can lead to many questions.

Jade Williamson is a Gold Coast Master Hypnotherapist with over ten years’ experience in the healing arts and 25 years’ experience as a business and leadership coach.  We understand that gathering all the information is essential before booking your first hypnosis session so here Jade answers your most common hypnotherapy questions to help you take your first – or next – step.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, guided relaxation technique that helps a person achieve an intense state of awareness. The treatment helps the participant block out everything else that’s going on around them by relaxing the conscious mind to bring complete attention to a chosen area of focus.

Can hypnotherapy help me stop a bad habit?

Yes! Hypnotherapy can change a range of behaviours by helping someone recognise and acknowledge the original belief system that led to the habits being formed in the first place. This awareness then helps to create a more helpful belief system that leads to new, more positive habits.

This cognitive process not only applies to smoking but any patterns of behaviour you wish to change including eating habits, exercise regimes and limiting beliefs such as lack of confidence, imposter syndrome and general feelings of not being worthy.

Can a hypnotist help cure my depression and anxiety?

While hypnotherapy alone won’t ‘cure’ depression and anxiety, the treatment can help a patient control their symptoms and identify negative thought processes that can make depression or anxiety worse. Hypnosis is also an excellent tool to identify and treat behaviours such as drug and alcohol dependency and insomnia which can contribute to depression and anxiety.

Where can I receive hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a treatment widely used across Australia to treat a broad range of physical and emotional conditions. Jade practices as a Hypnotherapist from her comfortable and secure offices in Bundall, close to Chevron Island and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

How long does hypnosis take?

The time taken for hypnosis depends on the problem being treated. The success of hypnotherapy lays in identifying patterns of behaviour and forming new habits which, as we know, can take time. Each hypnosis session in our Gold Coast office is 1 hour long. Many patients can see results in as little as one session however two to three sessions are generally recommended for better results. The results you can expect from hypnosis depend entirely on the problem being addressed and the individual circumstances.

What can I expect from a hypnotherapy treatment?

The age-old stigma of hypnotherapy being performed for entertainment purposes has made many wary of receiving the alternative treatment. It’s extremely important to clarify that while hypnosis can induce a state of complete calm and intense concentration, participants are fully aware and in control of their actions at all times.

During hypnosis sessions, you’ll feel calm and mentally relaxed. Afterwards, you’ll continue to feel relaxed and more positive as confidence increases and you begin to witness the power and control you hold over your own life and every element within it.

Contact Jade Williamson, Gold Coast Master Hypnotist, if you’re ready to identify and re-frame patterns of behaviour to achieve more positive outcomes.

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